Georgia Fall Book Released!

C.K.’s Debut Novel – Available Now on Amazon!

In a fraction of a second, life is flipped on its head following an EMP attack on the United States. A community in Georgia is gripped by chaos and confusion as they rally together to safeguard their well-being and survive resounding turmoil and uncertainty.

Charlie, a retired Marine, unintentionally becomes the neighborhood’s guiding force, shouldering the responsibility of restoring hope and maintaining order, all while planning a desperate mission to reach his daughter in Canada. Faced with insurmountable odds, the journey to Canada is replete with humbling realities, chilling malevolence, and obstinate tenacity.

Georgia Fall seamlessly merges a post-apocalyptic adventure with an enthralling crime thriller, presenting events that are disturbingly believable and highlighting the remarkable nature of the human spirit in times of adversity. 

C.K. Redlinger
C.K. Redlinger

C.K. has over 30 years of adventures and experiences while serving as a Marine, Homicide Detective, SWAT Sniper, Military Contractor and TV/Movie Advisor.

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