C.K. Interview – Careers In The Film Industry

I love doing these Nepris interviews for kids. It is such a great tool for exposing young people, looking to make decisions about their career direction, to learn from others’ experiences regardless of where they are physically located in the country. In this interview, we talk about my very unusual, and funny, break into theContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Careers In The Film Industry”

C.K. Interview – Forensics Investigations

I was recently interviewed by high school students studying the topic of forensics. We covered a lot of ground, including crime scenes, murder investigations, careers in law enforcement, court testimony, mindset, and even how police procedural TV shows get it wrong.  Click here to watch the video. If you cannot immediately watch the video, you mayContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Forensics Investigations”

Struggling to Keep an Exercise Routine? Reprogram your Brain

The Psychology of it You know the feeling?  You start the morning with some convincing internal dialog promising you will hit the gym after work or sometime later in the day.  Fast forward, now it’s late in the afternoon and that thought of exercising has clawed its way back to your mind’s front door likeContinue reading “Struggling to Keep an Exercise Routine? Reprogram your Brain”

Superman, Indiana Jones and my take on Facing Adversity

On one summer night in 1981, I was visiting family in Jacksonville, NC. I was just 11 years old and some other kids and I were preparing to go to the movies and see the highly anticipated Superman II sequel, starring Christopher Reeves. I can still remember the fun and excitement we enjoyed all day, knowing thatContinue reading “Superman, Indiana Jones and my take on Facing Adversity”

Good Deeds and the Courage to Act

Do you recognize this picture from that scene in “Batman Begins”? Lieutenant Jim Gordon places his coat on a young Bruce Wayne following the murder of his parents. Later, in the sequel movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”, the now Commissioner Gordon asks Batman to reveal his identity, so the world could know the hero that was about toContinue reading “Good Deeds and the Courage to Act”