Director Tom Green talks about C.K. Training Actors

One guy in particular (C.K.) . He and MissionX put all the actors through a weapons training process. He was there on set with us a lot. I went out to the location and blocked out all the action sequences with them, broke down all the gun battle scenes and made sure it was asContinue reading “Director Tom Green talks about C.K. Training Actors”

Actor Sam Keeley tells the Hollywood News about training with C.K.

We had a weeks training prior to the shoot in Jordan with ex marines. The company was called Mission X and our chief advisor is a gent called CK Redlinger. CK made sure that we were tactility sound for the shoot and was essential for making us look and feel like soldiers. It was anContinue reading “Actor Sam Keeley tells the Hollywood News about training with C.K.”

C.K. Interview – Advice for a Veteran’s Child

Breach Bang Clear – My Uncle was one of the 10 survivors of the USS Juneau. I often think about how he survived, which leads me to this piece of advice – If you ever find yourself in a situation where it seems you are not going to make it out alive or defeat isContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Advice for a Veteran’s Child”

C.K. Interview – MissionX: Personality Driven

Recoil Magazine – Mission X was founded a few years ago by Redlinger and Harry Taylor. CK is a former Marine, SWAT officer, and police detective. He is an accomplished small-unit leader who worked for many years as an overseas contractor, including an assignment to the regional U.S. ambassador’s protective services detail and another asContinue reading “C.K. Interview – MissionX: Personality Driven”

C.K. Interview – Deadly Police Shootings

The Stir – An unarmed person can just as effectively kill another human being as an armed one can, especially a 6’4″, 290-pound human,” says Charles Redlinger, a former U.S. Marine who served as a police officer in Metro-Atlanta where he was involved in a deadly shooting with a bank robber while in the lineContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Deadly Police Shootings”

C.K. Interview – Monsters Dark Continent Movie

Recoil Magazine – My guess is there will be some who actually like this better than the recent Godzilla movie (myself included). It looks like there’s the potential for some great special effects here, and the military aspect of it reflects some good technical consulting (not a huge suprise, since CK Redlinger and Mission X had aContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Monsters Dark Continent Movie”

MissionX Manages KASOTC Annual Warrior Competition

Former Marine CK Redlinger and his business partner, former SAS Trooper Harry Taylor, are two of the original architechs of the world famous combat-oriented challenge, The Annual Warrior Competition. At Mission X we are committed to adventure and calculated risk-taking so we created a Special Operations Leadership and Development Program for civilians and company employeesContinue reading “MissionX Manages KASOTC Annual Warrior Competition”

C.K. Interview – Pocono-area Police warn Public of Officer Impersonators

In Lackawanna County, a motorist last month activated flashing red-and-blue lights on the grille of his red pickup truck and a blue light on the roof to pull over a driver on Casey Highway. In Carbon County, a man with a badge pinned to his shirt and wearing a holster with a silver revolver allegedlyContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Pocono-area Police warn Public of Officer Impersonators”

C.K. Interview – AP News on the Annual Warrior Competition

While it is a competition to test combat-oriented skills, it’s actually, one could argue that it is a competition to build peace within the different cooperative elements that come here,” said Charles Redlinger, co-founder of Mission X, the special operations company that runs the event.

C.K. Interview – Marines take 1st Place at Annual Warrior Competition

KING ABDULLAH II SPECIAL OPERATIONS TRAINING CENTER, Jordan (May 9, 2010) — U.S. Marines from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit took top prize during the 2nd Annual Warrior Competition where they beat out six other specialized teams during the 3-day evolution at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC)  that ended May 9. The 24th MEU sent two teams toContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Marines take 1st Place at Annual Warrior Competition”