Video Interview – Career Advice w/C.K. Redlinger

From Professors Without Borders: In today’s video, Charles K. Redlinger focuses on his career as a Homicide Detective with the DeKalb County Police Department. However, C.K. has had an extensive and exciting career trajectory as a Marine, SWAT Sniper, Military Contractor, TV/Movie Advisor and corporate security professional. With such a varied background, C.K. now alsoContinue reading “Video Interview – Career Advice w/C.K. Redlinger”

When Life Punches You in the Face: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Sometimes life can be a real son-of-a-brick, enter the ultimate uninvited guest, COVID-19.  Speaking of Bricks, I have officially given the Coronavirus the face and personality of that ruthless gangster from the classic movie “Snatch”, Brick Top.  I can’t think of a better persona for it?  If you have not seen the movie Snatch, well..there’sContinue reading “When Life Punches You in the Face: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”

How Sheepish Leadership Suffocates Courage

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do – Carl Jung Recently, a senior ranking firefighter in Atlanta made a split-second decision to rush into a burning home to rescue a 95-year-old woman.  It’s reported he could see here inside on the floor surrounded by smoke and flames.  He entered the building,Continue reading “How Sheepish Leadership Suffocates Courage”

Watching the Super Bowl with Mohammad Ali

It true! 20 years ago today, I watched Super Bowl XXXIV with “The Greatest” himself. Here’s how it all went down. It was January 2000, we had just survived the Y2K scare and now it was Superbowl weekend in Atlanta, Georgia with the Rams about to face off against the Titans. I was working asContinue reading “Watching the Super Bowl with Mohammad Ali”

Idris Elba: A Modern-Day Movie Star with Old-School Style

I recently ran into Idris Elba at an event in Dallas.  While I have not had the pleasure to technically advise on one of his movies, I continue to admire his work from afar and find myself including him as one of my favorite actors.  Additionally, as an actor, he has that special something, aContinue reading “Idris Elba: A Modern-Day Movie Star with Old-School Style”

Lessons from the Police Academy

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of 31 officers starting their journey with the DeKalb County Police Department. I wanted to share some experiences during that 6-month police academy. Starting with a little background, I joined the DeKalb County Police Department right out of the Marines. It was my 2nd goal in life, just after becoming aContinue reading “Lessons from the Police Academy”

Cultivate a Mindset for Adversity

The Night is Darkest just before the Light “If it’s too hard for everyone else, it’s just right for us Butterfields”. This is what my grandfather would always say to his six sons and two daughters, one of whom was my mother (Elaine Butterfield-Redlinger). Only a few were old enough to serve during World WarContinue reading “Cultivate a Mindset for Adversity”

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, but today it’s all about The Marines!

Just last week, I was in Los Angeles and had made a quick stop at a Starbucks to grab a coffee before a meeting. I saw a LAPD officer at the register ordering, so I darted over in an attempt to buy his coffee. He politely refused, but the cashier was on my side andContinue reading “Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, but today it’s all about The Marines!”

Tribe Mentality in Business

Looking at the picture above, you might not arrive to the conclusion that I’m necessarily happy. Just to be clear, I’m the homicide detective on the right (not the suspect 😊). In fact, I’m completely ecstatic and elated with joy in this moment! Why? Because I belonged to a group consisting of 20 individuals, who relied upon and neededContinue reading “Tribe Mentality in Business”