What are you Afraid of, My Boy?

Fear of Death and Loss

What are you afraid of, my boy?  Is it the pale moon in the night sky or a bump in the dark that makes you cry?   

There is unease about you and this angst is dragging you down.  So, what is it that’s behind this horrible frown? 

Is it death that’s causing this scare?  Well then, let’s discuss so we can clear the air.

children's fear of death

You are closer to death today than yesterday, and still, you draw as strong a breath.  It’s the biggest ruse in life’s grand show, so let it not strike its premature blow. 

To conquer this fear you must have the grit to pull its curtain back, reveal the mystery and be done with its flack.

Death is but a phase-line; a door we’ll all pass through, no need to worry as we’re all in its queue.

It’s written into each and everyone’s itinerary; an appointment we’ll all have to keep.  Quite simply, it’s a way-point to the next destination where together we’ll sleep. 

scary fear of unknown

This should not have the power to haunt you in all your days, from this one to that.  From the first cry to the last gasp, we are constantly traveling towards it; oh how thrilling, what an adventure it can be.  Full of toil and trouble, discovery and rubble.

It’s true, you may end up in life’s rut. But, they’ll be plenty of joy and butterflies from within the gut; oh the excitement of what’s to come. Embrace it all, fortunes and calamities, both big and small.

Fear of Pain

little boy scared fear

Is it the thought of pain you’re afraid of my boy?  Do you mean the feelings of stings, of bruises, cuts and things? Or maybe the kind we just can’t see? 

My good boy, pain is simply a tool, but it lives in your head, no different than a wrench in your old man’s shed. 

Those nerves, the blood, the tearing of the skin; while not the optimal of conditions, they’re just sending signals and transmissions.

It’s the stuff of communications, your mind and body at work, so you can follow it with action and get your ass up out of the dirt. 

So, steady your nerves my boy, pain is not to be feared, only to be heard like a wise-old-man with a gray beard; oh such a valuable tool we are lucky to have. 

Pain may lead to injuries, and then to scars and flaws. Be content with your marks, for they are truly ours. 

Like scars on the lion’s hyde, they tell stories of adventure; be sure to pay them their rightful pride.

Fear of Human Aggression

human aggression

 Could it be the fear of men and their threat of aggression?  Is it because some are scary or intimidating to the eye?  Maybe it’s their unnatural brawn, tattoos, or some rough words that make you cry? 

Oh well my boy, there’s no mystery there. Like the Peacock with its ruff,  these are things of theater, not what’s tough. 

They are but a mask the faint-hearted dons, to conceal their own dread; these are superficial things so just get them out of your head. 

Fear of Poverty

little boy fear of poverty

Is it thought of money or maybe you feel you’re just too poor? 

If this is the case, you’re ahead of the game, for adversity you will master and tame. 

Once your hyde is thick and your mind is keen, climb out of this pit to another scene.

You don’t have to stay there, it’s just an obstacle, so take the dare. 

They’re meant to be climbed over, busted through and conquered.  So, use the equipment God gave you.  Rich or poor, we all started with the same, a brain to solve puzzles and eyes to mark our aim.

Fear of Failure

Facing adversity boxer

So what else could it be young lad?  Maybe you think you won’t measure up to the challenges ahead?  That you’re too weak, too dumb or your voice has a squeak? 

The bright side is you’re in good company my son, because every strong man has had this done.

Whether you failed, look funny or fall behind the pack; this is where you’ll grow, where your armor gets thick and your mind sharp as a tack. 

Accept challenge with arms stretched wide and whisper, “teach me” as you take the next stride. 

Adversity freely embraces you and will heed your request. Its gift will be wisdom, strength and grit, nothing less.

Master the Mind, My Boy

So take a deep breath and give your old man a clinch. As you see my boy, this fear stuff is a sinch.

Our imagination is busy and creates these fears in our brain. And now that your wits in focus, we can end fear’s reign.

Sharpen your mind and practice from day-to-day. There’ll always be skills to learn and tools of the trade.

But, your mind is the first weapon to master as good men are made, then you will truly conquer that thing which makes you afraid.

– C.K.Redlinger

Father hugging son children's fears

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