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CK Redlinger Keynote Speaker

CK weaves his 32 years of incredible adventures and life lessons into a light and soulful style of presentation. C.K.’s message as a motivational keynote speaker is centered around methods to program the mind for resiliency and his philosophy to thrive in chaos while escaping mental captivity.

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C.K. Redlinger is a U.S. Marine, decorated police detective, TV & movie consultant, and international security professional that managed headline-grabbing crises during his 12-year residency in the Middle East.  Today, C.K. is an engaging and uplifting speaker, writer, and storyteller, using his own personal tragedies and life experiences to inspire others to cultivate the mindset and philosophy required to thrive in chaos and overcome adversity.

C.K. grew up in Atlanta and is the proud son of two U.S. Marine Corps parents.  With plenty of role models in his life, he enlisted in the Marines at 18 years of age.  He served as an assault team leader, explosive breacher, and close quarters battle (CQB) Instructor.  In 1994, he joined the DeKalb County Police Department in Metropolitan Atlanta.  There he served as a patrol officer, a detective in the Robbery-Homicide Unit, a sniper team leader on SWAT, and later as Commander of the Vice and Permits Unit. C.K. earned over 20 commendations for actions in the line of duty. 

After his police career, in 2004, he joined the Global War on Terror as one of the first team members of Triple Canopy. His first assignment was in Al Amarah, Iraq, where he and a small team of contractors endured months-long attacks while assigned to protect U.S. Diplomats. This challenging and dangerous period was chronicled in the book, “Sniper One”, by Sgt. Dan Mills.  Later, C.K. served on the close protection security detail for the regional US Ambassador in the southern-Iraqi city of Basra, and also as General David Petraeus’ Security Manager at the Multi-National Security Transition Command in Baghdad. 

After Iraq, he was assigned as Triple Canopy’s country manager in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to manage in-country training and support protective operations in Iraq.  After several years in Jordan, he was selected to assist in opening the world’s premier counter-terrorism training facility, The King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC). He was instrumental in building its reputation as a center of excellence and establishing an international network of counter-terrorism users for the $200 million facility.  Additionally, he is credited as one of the architects of the center’s globally recognized Annual Warrior Competition, currently in its 12th year.  A combat-oriented team competition that attracts the world’s elite special operations and counter-terrorism units.

Before finishing his 12 years in the Middle East, he served the final 3 years in the U.S. State Department’s Diplomatic Security Bureau, Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) Program as the Regional Program Manager.  Here he was responsible for overseeing and managing antiterrorism/counterterrorism law enforcement training for numerous partner nations across the Middle East and Africa. During this time, his program fell prey to an active shooter attack, resulting in multiple deaths and months of crisis recovery and sensitive political negotiations.

In 2016, C.K. moved back to the USA and briefly returned to his beginnings as an instructor, teaching law enforcement curriculum to civilian police officers and Marines at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in San Diego.  During this time he also was the Managing Director of the US arm for the Endangered Species Protection Agency, a UK and USA charity committed to training African park rangers, law enforcement, and anti-poaching units in the fight against those perpetrating wildlife crimes.  

C.K.’s first brush with Hollywood occurred as a police officer in Atlanta when he was asked to portray a Memphis Cop in a comedy film with Actor Comedian David Cross.  Years later in Jordan, he helped coordinate actor-military training for the critically acclaimed box office success, Zero Dark Thirty.  Now with over a dozen credits, his movie & television career have included consulting, training actors, stunt work, and acting.  He also founded the first movie stunt team in Jordan, which provides free training and opportunities for Jordanians dreaming of breaking into the movie business.  To date, the team of Jordanian stunt performers has worked on approximately 20 international films and TV series.  

He now serves as the Vice President of Business Continuity, Corporate Security, and Real Estate for a wealth management company based in Dallas, Texas.

“The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain, all else is supplemental.”

John Steinbeck

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