C.K.’s efforts to influence and make positive impacts goes far beyond his writing and storytelling

He is co-founder of MissionX, a company of former special operations veterans who use adventures to introduce meaning, camaraderie and purpose into people’s lives.

As a director and board member of the Endangered Species Protection Agency, a non-profit organization, he helps drive efforts abroad to fight illegal poaching and protect wildlife guardians.

Storytelling takes many forms. Beyond writing, C.K. is available for speaking engagements, training efforts and lecturing.

C.K. continues to partner with Hollywood producers and publishers to develop content and high-concept ideas for a variety of entertainment media.


Do you often tell yourself that you have everything in life, but still yearn for meaning and purpose?

The Endangered Species Protection Agency is a charity that provides  services to combat poaching.


The Endangered Species Protection Agency is a charity on the front-lines where they combat poaching and protect wildlife guardians.

Training / Lecture

Providing security awareness, active assailant training and public speaking engagements on overcoming adversity and building mental strength.

Content Creation

Collaborating with entertainment industry producers and studios to bring high-concept ideas to life.

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