The Thundering Velvet Hands of 13 Warriors

Despite the tremendous pain we feel for the loss of these 13 young souls to the Heavens, there remains a spark of light ignited by their actions. In the minutes, hours and days before their departure, they comforted the suffering and desperate. An enduring solace is found from the artifacts that show these 13 Warriors hugging terrified children to their chests, providing reassurance to distressed families, exemplifying true empathy and highlighting their warrior ethos for the world to see. For many gripped by paralyzing fear, they displaced it with kindness, protection, love and hope. There is something special about leaving this world while your light is shining so bright as to warm others.

These tender souls, not much older than children themselves, demonstrated a humanity toward strangers that our own citizens fail to provide one another. This is the thundering velvet hand of a true warrior. I join my countrymen, and the world, in sharing the pain and sadness of the loved ones left behind. However, I also share the pride they are sure to have bursting from their hearts.

“So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

Semper Fidelis – C.K.

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