C.K. inspires audiences with a unique and soulful storytelling style. He leans on an incredible life’s journey interspersed with multiple careers, twists and turns, catastrophes and triumphs. With a dry wit, stoic resignation and a reverent delivery, he weaves these lessons into his short stories and speaking engagements.

Philosophies for Escaping Mental Captivity and Thriving in Chaos

I have spent a life full of adventure, incredible experiences and mentorship by great leaders and role models. Additionally, my career choices have exposed me to deteriorating environments full of trauma, grief and wicked deeds.  From gunfights to mental chess with psychopaths, losses to tragedy and many valuable lessons along the way, I’ve successfully navigated toxic environments, chaos and danger.  My stories and presentations typically touch on the below themes. Thanks for visiting my site. – C.K.

Mental Strength
Overcoming Adversity
Anxiety & Depression
Crime & Safety
Growing Up
CK Redlinger KASOTC Warrior Competition


Here you will find a collection of C.K.’s own personal stories and articles that aim to provide practical philosophies and assist with personal development, while hopefully providing a laugh or two.

CK Redlinger Military Technical Advisor


C.K.’s technical advising, actor training, stunt work and even a little bit of acting in the wild & crazy world of Movies & Entertainment.

CK Redlinger Public Speaker

Public Speaking

C.K.’s message as a motivational keynote speaker is centered around methods to program the mind for resiliency and his philosophy to thrive in chaos while escaping mental captivity.

“The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final weapon is the brain, all else is supplemental.”

John Steinbeck

Recent Articles

C.K. Redlinger’s Speech – Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Last week, we celebrated hundreds of years of combat prowess and fighting efficiency as the United States Marine Corps turned 246 years old on November 10th. I had the distinct honor of being invited as the guest speaker for the Marine Corps League’s Marine Birthday Ball Celebration in South Atlanta, Georgia, Detachment 1196. My mainContinue reading “C.K. Redlinger’s Speech – Marine Corps Birthday Ball”

Video Interview – Career Advice w/C.K. Redlinger

From Professors Without Borders: In today’s video, Charles K. Redlinger focuses on his career as a Homicide Detective with the DeKalb County Police Department. However, C.K. has had an extensive and exciting career trajectory as a Marine, SWAT Sniper, Military Contractor, TV/Movie Advisor and corporate security professional. With such a varied background, C.K. now alsoContinue reading “Video Interview – Career Advice w/C.K. Redlinger”