About C.K.


C.K. served in the U.S. Marines as an Assault Team Leader, Explosive Breacher and Close Quarters Battle Instructor. With a transition to law enforcement, he thrived as a Homicide Detective in one of America’s most violent metropolitan areas. After follow-on assignments as a S.W.A.T. sniper and Vice Unit Commander, he joined the Global War on Terrorism as a Contractor, working in Iraq and Jordan from 2004-2016. From working hundreds of murder cases to surviving deadly encounters, both in the US and abroad, he has accumulated a treasure chest of valuable lessons and experiences. C.K. continues to work in the movie industry as a technical advisor and consultant.

About C.K. Redlinger

Tending a Garden amidst Chaos and Danger

I have been extremely fortunate to have lived a life full of exciting adventures and incredible experiences. For over 30 years, my work has taken me across the globe, escaping perilous predicaments, hunting dangerous men, testing me with soul-crushing tragedies, providing laughter during hilarious and ridiculous situations and allowing me to spend time with some very interesting and intriguing people.

What Now?

I find joy and solace in writing. Fortunately, I have plenty to write about. Additionally, I enjoy training and teaching others. It doesn’t matter if the topic is helping you improve your mindset, tips to safeguard you and your family or strategies on overcoming adversity, it all gives me meaning and purpose. I will continue to share my experiences with the objective of improving people’s lives, developing leaders, building teams, inspiring some and educating others through lessons learned; all the time weaving in a bit of sarcasm, pop culture and dry wit.

What Next?

Growing up, I wanted to be a Marine like my dad, a cop like my brother, and be in the movies like Burt Reynolds. Somehow, I figured out how to do all three…well, not exactly on the Burt Reynolds part. My next step is to become a published author, using my experiences and adventures to write crime fiction & suspense/thriller novels…maybe some script writing as well. Until then, please enjoy my articles and thanks for visiting.

What’s the Logo Mean? Behind the Bursting Bomb

Both of my parents were U.S. Marines.  My father enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1950 and retired as a captain in 1974. He was what they refer to as a “Mustang Marine”, up from the ranks, meaning he started as a private and was later commissioned as an officer, temporarily during wartime.  These types of officers are unique and highly respected, keeping company with the likes of Chesty Puller, Al Gray and James Mattis.  Serving in both Korea and Vietnam, My Dad ultimately held the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3 with Bursting Bombs, identifying him as one of the rare and revered Marine Gunners, aka “Gunner”. Few Marines have been able to rightly call themselves “Gunner”, even today there are approximately 40 out of 200,000 Marines.  When he retired in 1974, he was the last Marine Gunner and therefore retired the rank, and bursting bomb, as well.  It was later reestablished in 1988.  

He wore the coveted bursting bomb insignia on his uniform while I was a child.  Now as my logo, it is a nod to my pride and love for my favorite role model, My Dad.  Additionally, it is a gentle self-reminder of how proud he was of me.  I miss him dearly.  I’m most certainly a fortunate son.