I have been extremely fortunate to have lived a life full of exciting adventures and incredible experiences. For over 30 years, my work has taken me across the globe, escaping perilous predicaments, hunting dangerous men, testing me with soul-crushing tragedies, providing laughter during hilarious and ridiculous situations and allowing me to spend time with some very interesting and intriguing people.

Everyone Loves a Good Story

Stories are passed down through the ages. They provide us valuable life lessons, inspire us to reach beyond our horizons and repair our souls when in need. Here you will find a collection of my own personal stories and articles that aim to provide practical philosophies and assist with personal development. Whether your goal is becoming a strong leader, building teams, battling depression, overcoming adversity, discovering some meaning and purpose or just finding your way to manhood, I hope my stories will help with that navigation.

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C.K. Redlinger’s Speech – Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Last week, we celebrated hundreds of years of combat prowess and fighting efficiency as the United States Marine Corps turned 246 years old on November 10th. I had the distinct honor of being invited as the guest speaker for the Marine Corps League’s Marine Birthday Ball Celebration in South Atlanta, Georgia, Detachment 1196. My mainContinue reading “C.K. Redlinger’s Speech – Marine Corps Birthday Ball”

Video Interview – Career Advice w/C.K. Redlinger

From Professors Without Borders: In today’s video, Charles K. Redlinger focuses on his career as a Homicide Detective with the DeKalb County Police Department. However, C.K. has had an extensive and exciting career trajectory as a Marine, SWAT Sniper, Military Contractor, TV/Movie Advisor and corporate security professional. With such a varied background, C.K. now alsoContinue reading “Video Interview – Career Advice w/C.K. Redlinger”

C.K. Interview – Forensics Investigations

I was recently interviewed by high school students studying the topic of forensics. We covered a lot of ground, including crime scenes, murder investigations, careers in law enforcement, court testimony, mindset, and even how police procedural TV shows get it wrong.  Click here to watch the video. If you cannot immediately watch the video, you mayContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Forensics Investigations”

Halloween Camaraderie CK Redlinger

How Halloween Teaches Camaraderie and Breeds Cohesion

While Halloween 2020 took a solid punch to the liver by COVID-19, it remains the reigning champion of holidays for camaraderie-building.  In my opinion, it’s actually the healthiest holiday for kids.  Now that might sound crazy due to all the candy in play, but I’m referring to mental health and social development. Let’s level setContinue reading “How Halloween Teaches Camaraderie and Breeds Cohesion”

The French Connection

It was the summer of 2003 and there was no shortage of tragedy and conflict in the world. The first quarter of the year saw the Space Shuttle Columbia explode and disintegrate as it reentered the Earth’s atmosphere, and the lead up to summer was consumed by the invasion of Iraq, which quickly evolved into a deadly insurgency.

C.K. Interview – Safety Talk Podcast

Safety & Security Expert Pete Canavan interviews C.K. Redlinger about Mindset and much more. They cover a variety topics related to staying safe, cultivating mindset, surviving deadly encounters, overcoming adversity and using situational awareness.

Memorial Day Reflections - CK Redlinger

Memorial Day Reflections – “Earn This”

For many of us, Memorial Day symbolizes the beginning of summer. But more importantly, it’s a day of remembrance. A day to reflect and be thankful for the brave Americans who have laid such a costly sacrifice on the altar of freedom.

mprovise adapt and overcome - Snatch Bricktop

When Life Punches You in the Face: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Sometimes life can be a real son-of-a-brick, enter the ultimate uninvited guest, COVID-19.  Speaking of Bricks, I have officially given the Coronavirus the face and personality of that ruthless gangster from the classic movie “Snatch”, Brick Top.  I can’t think of a better persona for it?  If you have not seen the movie Snatch, well..there’sContinue reading “When Life Punches You in the Face: Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”

Reprogram your brain – woman and man

Struggling to Keep an Exercise Routine? Reprogram your Brain

The Psychology of it You know the feeling?  You start the morning with some convincing internal dialog promising you will hit the gym after work or sometime later in the day.  Fast forward, now it’s late in the afternoon and that thought of exercising has clawed its way back to your mind’s front door likeContinue reading “Struggling to Keep an Exercise Routine? Reprogram your Brain”

C.K. Interview – Is it Safe to Travel to the Middle East?

Washington Post Interview. It’s important to understand that the Middle East is not a monolith, says C.K. Redlinger, a former U.S. government security contractor who lived in the region for 12 years. While there may be some cultural similarities among certain countries, each has its own government, beliefs and customs. The same is true whenContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Is it Safe to Travel to the Middle East?”

Superman, Indiana Jones and my take on Facing Adversity

On one summer night in 1981, I was visiting family in Jacksonville, NC. I was just 11 years old and some other kids and I were preparing to go to the movies and see the highly anticipated Superman II sequel, starring Christopher Reeves. I can still remember the fun and excitement we enjoyed all day, knowing thatContinue reading “Superman, Indiana Jones and my take on Facing Adversity”

C.K. Interview – 10 Places Celebrities Visit for Amazing Vacation Adventures

For celebs who are used to fantasy, Mission X takes even them to a new level of pretense. Check out the description of this clandestine and spy adventure through five cities in Europe. You start in London and undergo training in tradecraft and receive mission briefing. According to Mission X, Former British SAS troopers getContinue reading “C.K. Interview – 10 Places Celebrities Visit for Amazing Vacation Adventures”

C.K. Interview – MissionX: Personality Driven

Recoil Magazine – Mission X was founded a few years ago by Redlinger and Harry Taylor. CK is a former Marine, SWAT officer, and police detective. He is an accomplished small-unit leader who worked for many years as an overseas contractor, including an assignment to the regional U.S. ambassador’s protective services detail and another asContinue reading “C.K. Interview – MissionX: Personality Driven”

MissionX Manages KASOTC Annual Warrior Competition

Former Marine CK Redlinger and his business partner, former SAS Trooper Harry Taylor, are two of the original architechs of the world famous combat-oriented challenge, The Annual Warrior Competition. At Mission X we are committed to adventure and calculated risk-taking so we created a Special Operations Leadership and Development Program for civilians and company employeesContinue reading “MissionX Manages KASOTC Annual Warrior Competition”

C.K. Interview – Pocono-area Police warn Public of Officer Impersonators

In Lackawanna County, a motorist last month activated flashing red-and-blue lights on the grille of his red pickup truck and a blue light on the roof to pull over a driver on Casey Highway. In Carbon County, a man with a badge pinned to his shirt and wearing a holster with a silver revolver allegedlyContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Pocono-area Police warn Public of Officer Impersonators”

C.K. Interview – AP News on the Annual Warrior Competition

While it is a competition to test combat-oriented skills, it’s actually, one could argue that it is a competition to build peace within the different cooperative elements that come here,” said Charles Redlinger, co-founder of Mission X, the special operations company that runs the event.

C.K. Interview – Marines take 1st Place at Annual Warrior Competition

KING ABDULLAH II SPECIAL OPERATIONS TRAINING CENTER, Jordan (May 9, 2010) — U.S. Marines from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit took top prize during the 2nd Annual Warrior Competition where they beat out six other specialized teams during the 3-day evolution at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC)  that ended May 9. The 24th MEU sent two teams toContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Marines take 1st Place at Annual Warrior Competition”