C.K. Interview – Homicide Detectives & FBI Profilers

I recently volunteered to be interviewed by a high school student with a passion to seek justice for murder victims. She has her sights set on either a homicide detective or FBI profiler. In this video interview, I help her to understand the difference and educate her on the various roles involved in investigating andContinue reading “C.K. Interview – Homicide Detectives & FBI Profilers”

Intuition, A Cry from Beyond the Grave

Gut Feelings, what are they? A lot has been written about human intuition and its power to communicate, even I have covered this topic here.  Stories of people acting on their gut feelings are out there for good reason. Simply put, these are the unexplained feelings we get about something being wrong but have noContinue reading “Intuition, A Cry from Beyond the Grave”